At Jazz North we help artists have a vibrant career in the north of England. We are here to support you and your work, at any stage of your career.

Whether connected to your work as a jazz musician or otherwise, Jazz North can advise and guide you. We can help direct you through funding bids, develop your skills, get connected to the industry, and be an ear to soundboard your ideas.

Below are just some ways that we can support you as an artist.

Join our Zoom drop-in

Want to connect with other northern jazz artists, promoters and industry professionals in a relaxed setting? Join our monthly drop-in session:

Touching Base

Touching Base is a space for artists, promoters and those working in the northern jazz sector. Aiming to continue the dialogue between artists and organisations, this monthly drop-in session offers a chance to bring us all together to share ideas, experiences and most importantly, stay connected.

Find out more on our Events page for dates, times and topics.

Email or sign up to our mailing list below, making sure you select ‘artist’, if you want to come along to one of the regular Zoom drop-ins for jazz musicians.

Do you have a skill that can help others in the industry?

Are you handy with a video camera? Do you know a lot about live streaming? Have you got tips for making online teaching easier? Maybe you could join our bank of industry experts and get commissioned by Jazz North to create a webinar or write a blog.

Let us know your idea at

You might have also caught our video magazine, Jazz North Online, which is a great platform for sharing northern jazz news, releases and stories that you might have.

Get in touch at

Do you need help with a funding bid?

A big part of our artist development work is offering support and guidance for funding bids. If you need help, or just someone to look over your application for funding, contact

Do you provide online lessons, live streaming, or have music for sale?

Join our Northern Jazz Musicians Directory to shout about your services and music.

Stay in touch

If you want to get in touch for a chat, get some clear advice or need pointing in the right direction, do contact us through Heather at

Jazz North has a strong northern-wide network and years of experience, if we can help you by making an introduction or by providing some work support, just let us know.

We support Fair Access

Jazz North are signatories to Sound and Music’s Fair Access Principles

Jazz North northern line

Jazz North northern line

Our flagship scheme for northern jazz artists who want to get more gigs, develop their careers, and reach a wider audience.

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Jazz North Introduces

Jazz North Introduces

Helping the best emerging jazz artists in the north get gigs on the festival circuit.

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Artist Development Days

Artist Development Days

Networking, insight, workshops and support with jazz industry professionals, promoters, and funders.

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