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Jazz musicians are self-employed and they now face serious financial hardship. No gigs or face-to-face teaching means no income. These are amazingly talented and creative individuals who make a huge contribution to the rich cultural fabric of the north of England. And now they need your support.

You care about jazz and creative music and we know you’ll want to help support them. It’s really easy to help. From as little as a few pounds to download some of their wonderful original music, right up to booking a series of online music lessons for a future jazz musician (of all ages).

  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Buy their music

Why not be creative?

In addition to buying some new music or arranging a music lesson why not think about:

  • Music lessons for your children while schools are closed
  • Unique gift – surprise someone with a music lesson as a special present
  • Commission an original tune, recording or personal live stream for a birthday
  • Book an intimate live stream for a private virtual concert after your virtual dinner party
  • You have a song or tune that you would like to get arranged and recorded
  • You already play an instrument and you’d like to learn to improvise
  • You’re new to jazz and you’d like someone to hold your (virtual) hand and recommend some music to listen too.

How to use the Directory

Use the filters below to refine your search and then follow the links on the selected musicians page. These are wonderful people so please give them your support even if it is by simply spending a few pounds to download some of their original music.

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