How to book northern line artists
This page outlines the northern line artist booking process. Jazz North subsidise the artist fee. For details see pages for round 1 and round 2.


  • Round 1 Artists available until 31 December 2014
  • Round 2 Artists available until 31 March 2015

Step One: The Booking Enquiry

  1. Promoter contacts Artist via the website contact form
  2. Promoter and Artist agree provisional perfomance date/s
  3. Promoter and Artist agree travel expenses / accommodation.
    Note: Jazz North only subsidise Artist fee

Step Two: Confirming the subsidy

  1. Promoter emails Jazz North to ask for subsidy via contact form or direct to bookings @ giving details of:Artist/s, date, promoter, venue, venue address, website etc
  2. Jazz North confirms subsidy booking via email
  3. Promoter and Artist can now confirm date

Step Three: The Gig

  1. Gig to be described as a joint promotion e.g. “Jazz North and promoter present” in all promotional material and website

Step Three: The Payment

  1. Promoter payment to Jazz North within 7 days of performance
  2. Jazz North pays Artist full fee by BACS after receiving Promoter payment