The Dors

‘The Dors’ is made up of Christophe de Bezenac (alto saxophone, electronics), Chris Sharkey (guitar, electronics) Eve Risser (piano, electronics) and Yuko Oshima (drums, electronics). Chris and Christophe have been playing together for many years, most famously in the now defunct Leeds-based Trio VD along with Chris Bussey, and Eve and Yuko have a long standing duo in France named Donkey Monkey.

Both groups are known for putting out consistently avant-garde, engaging, genre-defying music and they have continued to do so in this group. Trio VD were known for their intensity and sheer volume as well as their dense, angular, metric compositions, whereas the music of Donkey Monkey is perhaps a little more tongue in cheek, blending prepared piano with ferocious drumming, contemporary classical, blues, improvisation and punk sensibilities. These elements are combined in this project along with influences from post-modern composition and more, creating music that draws from a vast palette of styles and textures.