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Opportunity to play with Indian musicians in Bradford 20th October 2016

We’re setting up a partnership with Kala Sangam in Bradford. Kala Sangam promote and deliver south Asian and interdisciplinary arts (dance, music, visual arts, crafts and literature) through a creative, collaborative, innovative and accessible programme of work.

There’s an opportunity to jam with fretless lute player Ravikiran at a concert in Bradford on 20th October. The first half of the concert will feature Ravikiran with south Asian percussionists and the second half is dedicated to a performance with jazz musicians.
Most likely this will involve a daytime rehearsal and as a minimum we will be able to offer travel expenses. If you’re interested then let me know.


Added 14/9/16



Opportunity to network with Dutch artists at Bimhuis, Amsterdam 7-9 October 2016

Unfortunately this isn’t a playing opportunity but we can offer ONE travel bursary of £250 to support a northern line artist to go to Amsterdam and the Bimhuis venue 7, 8 and 9 October 2016 to attend out their ‘October Meeting’. This is a Friday – Sunday get-together of twenty-two young improvisors of the Dutch scene and those of surrounding countries. We’d hoped they’d invite a northern musician but not this time…

So while you’re not invited to take part as a performer this is an opportunity to check out the Dutch improvising scene and network with the artists. Don’t forget also the opportunity to network with a large group of UK promoters who will be there too on a trip organised by The Jazz Promotion Network. The Dutch Performing Arts will provide a guest pass so you can attend all the performances.

If you’re interested then contact me ASAP.
I was in Amsterdam recently and can give tips on accommodation and travel from airport to city and Bimhuis. Nigel

Participating musicians:

Harald Austbø
Reinier Baas
Joachim Badenhorst
Olie Brice (UK)
John Dikeman
Kaja Draksler
Petter Eldh
Yedo Gibson

Onno Govaert
Alexander Hawkins (UK)
Oscar Jan Hoogland
Gerri Jäger
Sofia Jernberg
Morris Kliphuis
Christian Lillinger

Mette RasmussenAda Rave
Joris Roelofs
Susana Santos Silva
Jasper Stadhouders
Ziv Taubenfeld
Raphael Vanoli

Added 14/9/16