Artist Fee Subsidy Request procedure change from December 2019

From December 2019 we’re changing to a new simply way to request artist fee subsidy which will not require registering on the website. More details to follow.

About northern line

Northern line artists offer the highest quality musical experience with low financial risk. Over 150 promoters have now booked a northern line artist since 2013.

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Touring periods

Round 7 Artists available with subsidy to 31 March 2021*
Round 6 Artists available with subsidy to 31 March 2020*
*The scheme has a limited amount of funding. Once the funds are used no more subsidised bookings will be available. Book early to to avoid disappointment.

Booking conditions

  • There must be a minimum of 90 days in between the booking enquiry and the gig date. This is to enable adequate promotion of the gig.
  • Artists can only be booked with subsidy once by each promoter during the current roster period
  • A Promoter can book up to 12 artists during the current roster period – subject to availability

Help and advice

If you need further help or advice please contact northern line coordinator Lucy Woolley for further information via the contact form.