Artist Fee Subsidy Request Form 2020

1. Start Booking

  • Explore the Available Artists
  • The artist fees are set at a fixed rate which are shared 50/50 between Jazz North and promoter*
  • Get in touch with the artists via their page and find suitable performance dates
  • Gig dates must be minimum 90 days in future to allow time for adequate promotion
  • Agree any travel expenses

*Artist fees and contact details available from northern line manager Lucy Woolley via contact form

ALL DONE? Then you’re ready to make a request for Artist Fee Subsidy.

2. Submit Request for Artist Fee Subsidy

Ready to request subsidy? Artist Fee Subsidy Request Form

ALL DONE? We will be back in touch within 14 days to confirm if we are offering the subsidy. Once you have your confirmation reference number you can start planning the gig.

3. Planning the Gig

  • Ask the artist for their EPK which has promotional photographs, stage plan and tech specs
  • Each artist has a Jazz North showreel video which you can share on your website and social media
  • Let us help you promote the gig – tag Jazz North in your Social Media and we will share with our network

4. The Payment

  • Jazz North will invoice promoters for their contribution to the artist fee one month before the gig
  • Jazz North pays the artists directly in full after gig
  • Promoters should not pay artist fees directly under any circumstances

Help and advice

If you need further help or advice please contact northern line manager Lucy Woolley for further information via the contact form.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Artist Fee Subsidy request must be made minimum of 90 days or 3 calendar months in advance of the performance date.
  • Booking and performance date must be confirmed with the artist before making a request for subsidy.
  • Promoter can only receive Artist Fee Subsidy once for each artist on the scheme.
  • Promoters must complete a short report following the subsidised performance.
  • Making a request for Artist Fee Subsidy does not guarantee subsidy will be granted, allocation of subsidy is at the discretion of Jazz North.
  • Artists have a limited amount of subsidy and it is allocated on a first come first served basis in consultation with the artists and in line with their development plan.

Branding / Publicity

  • Gig to be described as ‘in partnership with Jazz North’ in all copy
  • Jazz North Logo to be displayed on website and flyers
  • Tag Jazz North in your social media and we can share and help promote the gig