Northern Line for promoters and producers

Northern Line supports artists across the north of England to deliver high quality live shows on profile-raising stages. Simultaneously, it supports northern promoters to book exciting new artists with lowered financial risk and promotional support. 

This live touring programme is artist centred and works closely with musicians to offer: 

How does it work? 

Northern promoters who are interested in presenting Northern Line artists can submit a booking request, when this service is available in May 2022, for the artist touring period running September 2022-September 2023. A Northern Line booking means the artist fee is financially subsidised by Jazz North. This ensures artists are paid fairly whilst enabling promoters to deliver ambitious shows with new artists. 


Conditions for Booking Live Shows

Practically, this means that Jazz North will subsidise a certain % of each Northern Line artist fee. We will agree a level of subsidy appropriate to the booking on a case-by-case basis. 

We will take into account the artists’ track record, the promoter’s economic position, venue capacity and the extent to which the booking advances the career ambitions of the artist.

Promoters are also expected to pay travel and other appropriate expenses. 


Early May Northern Line artists announced

Mid May Artist booking system opens 

September 22 Touring period begins 

November 22 Artist showcase and networking at Hull Jazz Festival 

September 23 Touring period ends 

So what about the interim? 

We understand that whilst we are launching the new cohort, there will be festivals and events happening between the end of March 2022 (when our current artists finish on the scheme) and the beginning of the new touring period in September 2022. 

To cover this gap, we will be launching an open bursary to which promoters can apply in order to ease their financial risk of staging gigs in the current climate. We will fund a certain number of promoters amounts up to £500 to present work that promotes diversity in their live programme. 

Details and dates will be announced in due course.

If you’d like to be informed of when this application opens, please register your interest using this form.