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In Autumn 2020 we broadcast our first Jazz North Online video magazine on social media, hosted by presenters Megan Roe (J Frisco) and John Pope (John Pope Quintet and Archipelago).

John and Megan say “In each episode we will be looking at what is topical and important to the musicians, the audiences and the promoters who make music in the north so vital. We’ll be talking to people who are putting on gigs, releasing music and managing their careers in these strange and uncertain times, as well as anything you need to know as both a maker and a listener of jazz in the north”.

The programmes will also include ‘Body and Soul’ items – thinks like yoga, cooking, meditation and physical recreations – all the things that a musician or promoter needs to stay on top of their mental health in this time of uncertainty.

Viewers are invited to submit ideas for items and topics that they would like John and Megan to talk about. This might be a new album, a gig or live stream, or something that’s been helping them stay afloat during this turbulent time.

As well as the video magazine, longer form interviews and features – such as the Jazz Heads interviews broadcast during May 2020’s northern online broadcasts, these will be published on Jazz North’s YouTube channel.

Jazz North’s Digital Director Nigel Slee says “Jazz North Broadcasts is a natural development for Jazz North building on the experience and success of Jazz North’s annual northern online broadcasts. John and Megan are a great team with natural onscreen chemistry plus, as artists, they understand what’s important and the challenges faced by the jazz scene”.

The magazine is published on Facebook and YouTube with supporting clips and features appearing on Jazz North social media channels.

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