An Interactive Music & Storytelling
Extravaganza for Children

‘How Monkey found his Swing’ is an upbeat, interactive story session. The group just made me want to dance…and play.
“HSQ make music look like the most fun you can possibly imagine.” (Alison Duddle, Director of Horse and Bamboo Theatre)

We’re excited to introduce you to our outstanding interactive children’s performance How Monkey found his Swing which was first commissioned by the Dalcrose Society for the 2015 Manchester Jazz Festival.

A collaboration between Award Winning Storyteller Ursula Holden Gill and the Manchester based Hilary Step Saxophone Quartet the show has since proved a hit with audiences at Birmingham Symphony Hall as part of the 2016 Musical Family Picnic Programme and at the 2016 Just So Festival.

It is energetic, boisterous and a perfect way to introduce youngsters to new sounds and unusual instruments, through movement, characterisation and lots and lots of laughter!

Variety of booking options

  • Family friendly performance (one or two performances during the day)
  • Day time Family friendly performance + HSQ Plus instrumental performance later in day

For booking enquiries contact or telephone: 0300 800 1234