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Diagram demonstrating the 3 way relationship between artists, promoters and audiences

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Define yourself, your identity and your music – be unique

  • Supply far outweighs demand
  • Work up your ‘elevator pitch’
  • Put yourself into perspective
  • Diversify your output
  • Be memorable – for the right reasons

Your EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

  • Audio
  • Image
  • Copy
  • Additional digital content
  • CVs, biographies

Audio Recordings

  • Provide online access to your music
  • Show variety and accuracy
  • Use complete tracks
  • Present your strongest work first
  • Include your contact details
  • Include track titles, composers and dates

Copy – for the audience

  • Focus on the experiential
  • Speak to an audience with no specialist knowledge
  • Cite inspiration or unusual aspects
  • Ask a non-specialist for their comments
  • Use short and snappy press quotes
  • Avoidname-droppinglists
  • Avoid widely-used or general terms and repetition

Copy – for the promoter

  • Present clear and uncluttered information
  • Provide a 30-50 word summary
  • Keep biog info short

Typical mjf brochure/web listing

benoit martiny band

Benoit Martiny Band

Festival Pavilion

17.00 (60 mins)

mjf international

Benoit Martiny drums
Jasper van Damme alto saxophone
Joao Driessen tenor saxophone
Frank Jonas guitar
Sandor Kem double bass

On their UK debut, this high-energy Luxembourgish band has its roots in garage rock, punky-
thrash metal and jazz: concise, uplifting tunes and great fun to watch.
          Listen here:

mjf friend discount available
Presented in association with music:LX Luxembourg Export Office

Pitfalls: avoid copy that doesn’t say anything useful

Bertie Bassists’s FABULOSO is a suite of compositions for small jazz ensemble, and the group gathered to perform them. The first performance took place at the Barnoldswick International Festival of Experimentation in December 2008, and subsequently at the Lost Chord Jazz Club in Leeds in November 2010 and at my sister’s wedding in August 2012. The CD of Bertie Bassists’s FABULOSO was released on September 5 2011, and features: Bertie Bassist (guitar), Phil Blower (alto & soprano saxophones, electronics), String Bender (electric violin), Joanna Player (keyboards), Low Rumble (bass guitar) and The Dribbler (drums). The album is also available as a digital download from iTunes, Amazon and other online stores.



  • Be distinctive
  • Get a professional photographer
  • Use close-ups
  • Provide high-resolution images (300 dpi)
  • Use colour photography
  • Avoid clutter in live shots
  • Include instrument(s) if possible
  • Provide a selection of different images
  • Image manipulation is OK
  • Convey mood and expression
  • Avoid shots of guys against a city wall
  • Provide J-pegs or similar files

Finding the right gigs

  • Research other programmes
  • Show how you could play a part in them
  • There is no single database of promoters
  • Use your contacts and ask peers
  • Be aware of exclusion zones
  • Be aware of promoter preferences
  • DIY gigs – pros and cons

Establishing the relationship

  • Personalise your OGM
  • Supply your up-to-date contact details
  • Identify who to contact at each venue
  • Note any deadlines for Artists’ Submissions
  • Put yourself on mailing lists
  • Identify the time for follow up call
  • Stay patient, polite but persistent
  • Understand the risk
  • Interpret a ‘no’ as a ‘not yet’

3 Top Tips

  • USP – what are your unique selling points?
  • OGM – what is your outgoing message?
  • TWR – develop a three-way relationship with promoters and audiences

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