Not Now Charlie

  • Jamie Toms
  • Pawel Jedrzejewski
  • Richard Campbell
  • Liam Gaughan
  • Dave McKeague

Not Now Charlie head to Scarborough with their perfect mix of jazz harmony, infectious grooves and memorable melodies.

The roots of this Newcastle based band are set in the jazz world but they draw on their mutual love of many other genres such as rock, neo soul, pop, and R&B, all topped off with the excitement of improvisation.

Taking their influence from the likes of Christian Scott, Manu Katche, Chris Potter, Roller Trio and Joshua Redman yet still managing to create their own individual sound.

“…. yes their music is full of bright melodies and enjoyable grooves but they’re not shackled by them. In the musical world of Not Now Charlie there’s always something of interest going on.”

“Not Now Charlie know how to write an intoxicating melody”
– John Marley, Jazz in York

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  • Date:
    2 march
  • Venue:
    Scarborough Jazz at the Cask
  • Price:
    £5 minimum donation