Digital media for musicians seminar and video

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Digital media for musicians seminar and video

On 8 October Steve Lawson was our guest speaker at a “Digital Music for Musicians” seminar held in Leeds at the Belgrave Music Hall. A fascinating three hours and some great insights into how jazz artists can use social media to their best advantage. At the end of the afternoon we grabbed a few minutes with Steve to get some of his advice on video so that we could share the information more widely.

In the clip below Steve talks about the 3 ‘C’s of social media, Bandcamp and how to use social media as an introverted artist.


  1. Keith
    11 October, 2014

    Why was the talk not filmed and put on line?

    Maybe it was. It it was, a link please.

    • 12 October, 2014

      Hi Keith, the seminar ran over 3 hours and more informal than a presentation / talk so filming not practical. Thanks for the Bandcamp interview link.

      • Keith
        12 October, 2014

        Ok, can see three hours too long, but five minutes.

        I am unable to access the video, all I get is a blank screen.

        Please upload to youtube.

        • 13 October, 2014

          Maybe try the non HD version option? Plays OK on the embedded version on your blog.

  2. Keith
    12 October, 2014

    The best way to support an artist is to pay then directly. — Ethan Diamond

    Ethan Diamond, co-founder of bandcamp, discussing why bandcamp is good for artists.


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