Please note this form is a ‘first step’ enquiry to a northern line artist and not an actual booking request.

If you’re ready to request a booking date then please go to the Artist Booking Form

Start Booking!

  1. Contact the artist you’re thinking about booking via this contact form or by getting in touch with them directly via their website / social media. You can also request the artist contact sheet via the contact form.
  2. The next step is for the Promoter and Artist to agree provisional performance date
  3. Promoter and Artist should also agree travel expenses/accommodation 
independently. Note: Jazz North only subsidise Artist fee
  4. Once you a provisional date use the Artist Fee Subsidy Request Form to continue. Note that the request must be made with Jazz North 3 months (90 days) in advance of 
the performance date to enable maximum publicity.
  5. Jazz North will then be back in touch via email about the subsidy request within 14 days
  6. Once confirmed by Jazz North, the Promoter and Artist can also confirm the booking