Composer-Improviser Rodrigo Constanzo to demonstrate dynamic score software in first public performance

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Composer-Improviser Rodrigo Constanzo to demonstrate dynamic score software in first public performance

dfscore première
18 September 8.30pm at
Fuel Café

448 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M20 3BW 0161 448 9702

Manchester-based composer, improviser, and instrument-maker Rodrigo Constanzo is inspiring and facilitating new ways of creating music with the advent of his dfscore system. On September 18th at Fuel Café in Withington, a suite of new works will be premiered showcasing the system’s robust capabilities. This project is being supported as a Jazz North commission (project page link).

The dfscore system is a dynamic score display system which seeks to dissolve the boundary between composition and improvisation. It is able to restructure and reorchestrate material in real time, creating dialogue between the performers and the composition, and thus re-imagining what composition can be as a dynamic entity.

Built to function over a local network, each performer’s laptop connected to a central router displays information that is only relevant to them: melodic or rhythmic fragments, accompanying tempo and count in, role to assume, or any other type of information the master programmer/composer wished to incorporate into the score. In this way, it allows a group of any size to collectively improvise without a conductor while still encouraging moments of synchronicity. That information may also be displayed in a variety of formats including traditional notation, graphic scores, text, and moving image, to circumvent the limitations that each of those presents individually.

It empowers performers to “decide” the path a composition takes by giving their feedback via keyboard commands (i.e. as simple as pressing a button), but further into development it will grow to include real time analysis capabilities of individual parameters from the musicians, including but not limited to pitch or tempo, in order to effect the sonic outcome of a given work when performed.

The character of each piece which it helps to create will be as unique as the mind(s) behind it, and it’s beauty is the openness it allows in its nature as a tool. As fans of improvised music we are very much looking forward to seeing what each performer/composer draws out of it on the 18th of September.

This project, supported by Jazz North, opens up a wealth of possibilities for performance, composition, multidisciplinary experiments, education around improvisation, and much more.