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Jazz North Online was created as a lockdown project. Check out Previous issues below – timecode links (00:00​) direct to video chapters. Subscribe to our channel youtube.com/jazznorth Send your news to news@jazznorth.org

#5 What’s it like to be in a relationship with another jazz musician?

CHAPTERS 00:00​ Introduction 00:28​ DYJA – Favela Brass 00:49​ Joined Up Jazz 01:22​ FEATURE: What’s it like to be in a jazz couple? 07:36​ Olivia Moore of ReidMoore Duo and Raaj Kamaj 09:30​ Kathy Dyson Tribute to Chick Corea

#4 Eight Radio shows and Podcasts you need to know about for northern jazz!

CHAPTERS 00:00​ Introduction 01:03​ Open Bursary from Jazz North 01:57​ #1 Hot Biscuits with Steve Bewick 02:30​ #2 Paul Rigby’s Big Bands and Beyond 03:14​ #3 Left of Leeds with John Toolan 05:50​ Corey Mwamba, BBC Radio 3 – Freeness 13:15​ #4 BCB JazzScene with Martin Powell 15:11​ #5 Jazzheads podcast from Wakefield Jazz 16:05​ #6 Liverpool Jazz with Michael Swerdlow 16:40​ Musicians Wellbeing: Emma Johnson (cycling), Dave Kane (yoga) 25:40​ Secret Night Gang’s Callum Connell & Kemani Anderson talk to Helena Summerfield 37:30​ #7 Ribble FM & Ribble Valley Jazz & Blues Festival shows 38:30​ #8 Mid-Week Jazz with Helena Summerfield 40:30​ Megs Musical Toolshed – bassist Dave Shooter 45:22​ Kollega (Dave Shooter using his pedals) 51:26​ Svarc Hanley Longhawn

#3 The biggest threat to JAZZ & IMPROVISED music venues in the north of England?

CHAPTERS 00:00​ Introduction 00:55​ News – HMUK Awards, Globe Live Streaming, northern festivals update, JN Online Drop In Sessions BODY AND SOUL 04:31​ Support for Musicians over Christmas INTERVIEWS 06:55​ Interview with Nokuthular Zondi, Ubunye 16:20​ Alexandra Park, Manchester Jam Session Helena Summerfield & Sylvie Heath 20:01​ Alex Clarke talks about learning the saxophone and BBC Young Jazz Musician Competition MUSIC 22:54​ Alex Clarke playing ‘Before You Arrived’ with Nikki Yeoh Trio at BBC Young Jazz Musician final 2020 THREATS TO MUSIC VENES 27:25​ Harkirit Boparai, Crescent Community Centre and Music Venues Trust talks to John about threats to music venues EDUCATION & COMMUNITY LEARNING 39:15​ Jill Jarman BlueJam Arts, Penrith talks to Helena Summerfield NEW MUSIC FEATURE 48:53​ Graham South talks about releasing new music in lockdown and his new Efpi album By And By MEGS MUSICAL TOOLSHED 58:40​ Craig Scott visits Megs Musical Tool Shed 01:09:48​ Outro with John and Megan NEW MUSIC VIDEO 01:10:24​ I Am Revolting by Craig Scott’s Lobotomy 01:15:37​ Credits

#2 Watch this  #videomagazine​ to find out what’s happening on the north of England jazz scene!

CHAPTERS 00:00​ Introduction 00:36​ Bassist extraordinaire Kenny Higgins playing Midnight Waltz 01:38​ News Desk 03:00​ Tribute to Alec Sykes, founder of Wakefield Jazz by Rory Ingram 05:07​ Bela Horvarth talking about SogoRock and Aston Mics challenge 07:06​ Profile: Meet Heather Spencer, new Programme Manager at Jazz North 09:10​ Ben Powling and Luke Reddin-Williams’ World Service Project Tour Diary Oct 2020 12:07​ Congleton Jazz & Blues Festival – preview of their new documentary feature BODY AND SOUL 14:13​ Introduction to Doctors Melanie Grundy and Declan Costello 14:37​ Dr Melanie Grundy talking wellbeing, support and advice available from BAPAM, HMUK 22:00​ Dr Declan Costello – the facts about airborne spread of Covid19 / live music FEATURE PANEL DISCUSSION 28:00​ The future of Live Streaming and it’s impact on the music industry? With artists Ben Gaunt, Lara Jones, and Jamie Stockbridge, promoter Paul Pace and educator Matt Robinson. EDUCATION / ONLINE LEARNING 36:19​ Helena Summerfield has update from Trafford Music Service, music from Trafford Jazz Collective and interview with Ben Helm, Music and Arts Learning coordinator at Making Music Together, Newcastle. REVIEWS 39:22​ VINYL / Ben Powling’s lockdown picks – The Ohsees, Nico and Sarathy Korwar. NEW MUSIC FEATURE 44:00​ North East drummer and band leader Abbie Finn talks to John Pope about her debut album realised 1.11.2020 and recorded in lockdown. MEGS MUSICAL TOOLSHED 50:24​ In the shed with Chris Sharkey talking about his latest recordings and projects plus lowdown on his views on gear and producing. MUSIC VIDEO FEATURE 1:08:02​ Jazz North northern line artists SogoRock “Your Shelter” introduced by Bela Horvarth. 1:13:05​ End titles, contributors and soundtrack credits

#1 How have jazz musicians and jazz music promoters dealt with Covid-19 + lockdown?

CHAPTERS 00:00​ Introduction with John and Megan 01:40​ Thanda Gumede – adapting his vocal teaching with a community choir due to covid19 05:08​ Recommendations for downtime – Bob Whittaker, Jez Matthews and James Lancaster share their recommendations 08:07​ Gig Rig Run Through with Jemma Freese – Nord keyboard Wardorf filter unit 19:06​ Online learning news Durham Music Digital & Blue Jam Arts 19:53​ FEATURE: Where are the gigs? Artists and promoters – Bob Whittaker, Jez Mathews (The Lescar), Steve Crocker (Jazz Leeds), Charlotte Bowen (Culture House) and James Lancaster (Jazz in York, NYBB) talking about how they’ve been dealing with the lockdown in Liverpool, Leeds, York, Sheffield and Grimsby / Cleethorpes 31:10​ NEWS: Marsden Jazz Festival CHRONOTOPE, Hull Jazz Festival November dates announced & Gordon Tetley Big Band update. 33:45​ NAME THAT TUNE Can you guess this standard? 35:40​ BANDCAMP teaser – new and upcoming releases from northern artists 37:14​ Outro followed by The Nicki Allan Quartet playing The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines at a recent Jazz Leeds gig.

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