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Information for promoters

Northern Line supports artists across the north of England to deliver high quality live shows on profile-raising stages. Simultaneously, it supports northern promoters to book exciting new artists with lowered financial risk and promotional support. 

This live touring programme is artist centred and works closely with musicians to offer: 

Northern Line 22-23 Artists

TC & The Groove Family, Hannabiell & the Midnight Blue Collective, Marco Woolf, Yaatri, MC Nelson and Ni Maxine are now available to book for the touring period September 1st 2022-August 31st 2023. You can find out more about the new Northern Line artists here

How does it work? 

Northern promoters who are interested in presenting Northern Line artists can submit a booking enquiry through an online form (see below). A Northern Line booking means the artist fee is financially subsidised by Jazz North. This ensures artists are paid fairly whilst enabling promoters to deliver ambitious shows with new artists.

Subsidy level is generally set at an average of 50% of the artist fee but is subject to negotiation with the Programme Manager. The decision of subsidy level is dependent on a number of factors unique to each artist and is ultimately up to the discretion of Jazz North. 

Upon making a successful booking request, the Artist and Promoter will be issued with an agreement outlining the Northern Line booking policy. 

All bookings must comply with the following:

Make a Booking Enquiry

Please submit a booking enquiry through this online form:

If you need this information in another format or have any questions about Northern Line, you can contact the Northern Line Programme Manager ( 

If you wish to directly contact or find out more about an artist before making a booking enquiry, please email with the subject line ‘NORTHERN LINE ARTIST CONTACT REQUEST’ 

Northern Line Booking Process

  1. Northern promoters can access information about Northern Line artists via our website and submit a request to book through a short online form. Alternatively, the artist can make the approach directly to the promoter (to be agreed in advance with the Programme Manager).
  2. On receiving the booking request, the Programme Manager connects the artist and promoter via email to discuss details and provisional booking dates. The Programme Manager will be kept on copy to clarify financial details and terms of the Northern Line booking policy. 
  3. Promoters make a firm gig offer with details as discussed between the artist, Programme Manager and promoter.
  4. Artists choose whether to accept the booking. Please understand that artists have a limited number of Jazz North subsidised gigs and the artist retains the right to accept or turn down any offer of a booking. For a number of reasons (tour dates, gig strategy, audience development goals etc.), artists may suggest the booking goes ahead without Northern Line subsidy. If this is the case, Jazz North is no longer involved in the discussion and Northern Line terms are no longer relevant to the booking.
  5. Once the artist accepts the booking under Northern Line, the Programme Manager will confirm the subsidy provision. Decisions will be dependent on the booking meeting the terms and conditions of the scheme and the artist having an adequate allocation remaining. Please note that subsidy is not guaranteed until it is confirmed by Jazz North. Applications made without the agreement of both artist and promoter will not be considered for subsidy.
  6. Jazz North issues a confirmation, reference number (for invoicing) and booking agreement to the artist and promoter. This will include crediting guidelines, logos and terms and conditions of the scheme.
  7. The promoter pays their contribution to each gig directly to Jazz North. Invoices for the promoter’s contribution will be sent by Jazz North to the promoter a minimum of 14 days in advance of the gig.
  8. The artist submits their invoice for each gig to Jazz North. The Artist receives their full fee for each gig directly from Jazz North via BACS within 14 days of submitting their invoice to Jazz North. Invoices can be submitted in advance of a gig to ensure prompt payment but please note that payment will not be made until the gig has taken place.