Jazz North seeks bands to be touring ambassadors for Northern jazz scene

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Jazz North is looking to recruit up to twelve bands to be ambassadors for the Northern jazz scene between January 2013 – March 2014 as part of northern line, a new model for supporting touring for northern jazz musicians across the north. northern line artists will be able to access professional development training combined with […]

Up and running!

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Jazz North is now in action and here’s an update of some of the things we have planned. During the first six months we will be providing a range of services and running a number of pilot projects. Our other priorities are to make partnerships with other organisations beyond our initial consortium. This will enable […]

'Jazz North' win bid to become new North area jazz agency

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News release A consortium with the working title ‘Jazz North’, led by jazz development agency Jazz Yorkshire, has been successful in their bid to set up a new North area jazz agency. Jazz North is a consortium of experienced delivery organisations and individuals which will build a new northern jazz delivery model, based on collective […]

website color palette

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  ORANGE PRINT: C:0 M:63 Y:100 K:0 WEB: hex #F47C20   VIOLET PRINT: C:80 M:100 Y:0 K:0 WEB: hex #5C2D91   PINK PRINT: C:0 M:70 Y:0 K:0 WEB: hex #F173AC   Dark Grey menu ‘hover’ colour WEB: #737267   GREY PRINT: C:0 M:0 Y:18 K:40 WEB: hex #A9A893   Beige/cream border ‘related’ off whites as […]