Arts Council National Lottery Project briefing webinar video

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Are you an artist or promoter thinking about applying to Arts Council England’s re-opened project funding scheme? We’ve now uploaded last week’s webinar to our Vimeo channel.

Clickable Index – to make it easier to use the webinar we’ve added a clickable index. To use the index you’ll need to watch the video on our Vimeo channel. The index is in the video description.

Thank you to artist/educator Jo McCallum and Charlotte Bowen of The CultureHouse Grimsby, for sharing their experience and ideas in the webinar.

One-to-one help is also available from the Jazz North team if you live and work in the north of England and you’re planning to make an application to this scheme – which runs until April 2021.

Disclaimer: all advice, guidance and opinions in the webinar and resource documents are given totally independent of ACE and you should take it in that spirit. We are not affiliated with ACE and not involved in their grant decision making. We are, however, funded by ACE to help you engage more fully with funding opportunities.

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