northern line Showcase Day programme Mon 25 July

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The Jamie Brownfield Quartet

Festival Pavilion 12:00 (35 mins)
Jamie Brownfield trumpet / Tom Kincaid piano / Ken Marley double bass / Jack Cotterill drums
Equally adept at mainstream, modern and traditional styles, this fresh, exciting quartet embrace New Orleans street beat, swing & reggae. ★★


Festival Pavilion 13:00 (35 mins)
Mark Hanslip tenor saxophone / Otto Willberg double bass / Andrew Cheetham drums
Contrasting backgrounds in jazz, contemporary classical and rock generate extended improvisations, from dream-like to fast and dense free jazz. ★★

The Pat McCarthy Quartet

St Ann's Church 13:50 (35 mins)
Pat McCarthy guitar / Shannon Reilly vocals / Thom Whitworth trumpet, guitar / Warren Jolly double bass
A warm and melodic repertoire of standards and original songs in a modern vein, presented with style and class. ★★

Inclusion Principle

Central Library Performance Space 14:40 (35 mins)
Martin Archer, Hervé Perez saxophones, laptops / Peter Fairclough drums, percussion
Powerful inexorable rhythms, electronic beats and acoustic percussion, soaring sax lines, dramatic changes, reflective moments: ultimately sharing an enjoyment of sound. ★★

Maja Bugge

St Ann's Church 15:30 (30 mins)
Maja Bugge 'cello
Beautiful, meditative soundscapes blending everyday sounds, melody and improvisation and working with the natural ambience and acoustics of the performance space. ★★

Family Band

Central Library Performance Space 16:20 (40 mins)
Tom Rivière double bass / Riley Stone-Lonergan tenor saxophone / Kim Macari trumpet / Steve Hanley drums
From the Ornette Coleman tradition, simple, repeated riffs and themes build and allow these skilled improvisers the freedom to feel, rather than think. ★★


Festival Pavilion 17:20 (40 mins)
Jamie Stockbridge alto saxophone / Mike Parr-Burman guitar / Adam Stapleford drums
Razor-sharp polyrhythmic play, exploratory improvisation and raw, high-energy live performance, blurring the boundaries between free improvisation and highly-structured composition. ★★

Firebird Quartet

Festival Pavilion 19:00 (40 mins)
Ian Chalk trumpet / Martin Longhawn piano / John Marley double bass / Tim Carter drums
Sophisticated contemporary jazz underpinned by solid, pure swing and rooted in the melodic jazz of the ‘60s and ‘70s and of the present day. ★★

Johnny Hunter Quartet

Festival Pavilion 20:00 (40 mins)
Johnny Hunter drums / Ben Watte tenor saxophone / Graham South trumpet / Stewart Wilson double bass
Cool but fiery playing within and with the jazz tradition; Sonny Rollins influences, Middle-Eastern flavours - tons of energy and top playing. ★★


Festival Pavilion 21:15 (45 mins)
Theo Tanzanitis vocals / Will Howard tenor saxophone / Andrew Cox baritone saxophone / Simon Dennis trumpet / Conall Mulvenna guitar / Sim Walker keyboards / Tom Maddison bass guitar / Tom Hawthorn drums / Ali Mac percussion
Highly danceable funk/soul/hip-hop with dynamic vocals, a tight horn section and an in-the-pocket rhythm section, making for a sparkling show. ★★